Egypt Advanced Technologies for Onshore Exploration and Production

Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA

Opportunity to Meet with Petroleum Decision-Makers.

On a visit to the United States, petroleum sector decision-makers from Egypt will met with leading U.S. suppliers of oil and gas exploration and production technologies. The visit showcased advanced U.S. technologies that can support Egypt’s plans to modernize its oil and gas sector. The delegation included high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and state‑owned enterprises in the petroleum sector.

With a number of oil fields in Egypt, operators are increasingly focused on redeveloping and improving oil recovery from existing oil reservoirs. However, most mature oilfields cannot maintain their production levels unless advanced extraction technologies are deployed. One such technology, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), typically involves the injection of fluids into an existing well.

The United States is regarded as a leader in the development and deployment of oil and gas technologies, including EOR. Several major U.S. companies are already involved in Egypt’s energy sector and are well-positioned for additional commercial opportunities. Additionally, the introduction of big data analysis techniques to the sector have created significant opportunities for U.S. tech firms.